One Pair of Boots, Fifty Years of Adventure

In 1970, Keith Harding walked into a Canadian Tire in Toronto, placed $30 on the counter and walked out with a new pair of Kodiak boots. Fifty years later, there was a lifetime of adventure.

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Humbly sharing the lessons of passionate craftsmanship and devoted parenting.

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For rapper-producer Chris Borelli, it came from a tough upbringing — and ended up on top playlists around the world.

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Erin, owner of Dancing Goats Dairy, embodies the spirit of do what you love and love what you do.

The Art of Doing What You Love


We find inspiration everywhere — down city streets, on worksites, and occasionally... in a big field of goats.

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Meet Sherif. He wears his hard work on his boots.

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Learn more about our women's safety footwear from the women who design them.

Care & Keeping of Your Footwear


The best way to keep your leather footwear for years to come.

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