About Kodiak

The Way North

The seasons inevitably turn, and we set upon them with boundless energy. For over 100 years KODIAK has been Canada's Boot®, ambassadors from the first nation of winter, and proud celebrants of all weather. We believe in hard work and good times. In valuing the diversity of the global landscape. We make reliable, stylish footwear that performs the world over.

  • Kodiak 1910


    Production begins at the new factory in Berlin, Ontario.

  • Kodiak 1920


    Establishing a new standard and pioneering boot production.

  • Kodiak 1930


    Keeping people at work during the Great Depression.

  • Kodiak 1940


    Proudly supplying the Canadian Armed Forces.

  • Kodiak 1950


    Full waterproofing, Vulcanizing… An era of innovation.

  • Kodiak 1960


    Steel toe workboots – a new industrial benchmark is established.

  • Kodiak 1970


    The Kodiak industrial standard becomes a stylish fashion icon.

  • Kodiak 1980


    Lifestyle collections for the growing hiking, fishing and outdoor leisure market.

  • Kodiak 1990


    Breakthrough innovations for new workplace and industrial footwear applications.

  • Kodiak New Millenium

    New Millenium

    Our Classics collection launched for our 100th anniversary.

  • Kodiak New Millenium

    New Millenium

    Outfitting our Winter Olympics team.

  • Kodiak New Millenium

    New Millenium

    Moving forward - a new partnership with Williamson-Dickie.

KODIAK was proud to be a sponsor of the 2015 National Skills Canada Competition, supporting and encouraging young and aspiring tradesmen and women.

For generations of Canadians, KODIAK has been a brand synonymous with rugged authenticity, hard-working durability, and unparalleled protection. We continue to deliver the highest performance for the best value, making it possible for workers of all ages to be safe on the job. As today's youth embarks on a future in skilled trades, KODIAK looks forward to sharing the importance of stepping into the workforce with the appropriate footwear protection.

KODIAK was happy to equip those students competing in the Carpentry, Landscaping and Electrical Installation categories with the latest in safety footwear, specific to each participant's job requirements.

Stay tuned as we highlight the 2016 competition and finalists.