Product Exclusions

We love a good deal too, but we do have a few products that aren’t eligible for discounts. These include:

  • Fernie: 0A4NKKA22, 0A4NKKBLK, 0A4NKKA19, 0A4NKKA10
  • Surrey II: 419132BLK, 419132A01, 419132A09
  • Alma: 419042BLK, 419042A03
  • Original: 419142A17, 419142A03, 419142A22
  • Magog: 419119DW, 419120DWD, 422098A17
  • Thane: 419032DWD, 419033BLK, 419059OG
  • Juliana: 0A4NKNBLK
  • Dundonald: 0A4NKTBLK
  • Proworker Master: 0A4NK3FWE, 0A4NK3BLK, 0A4NK4FWE
  • Journey: 0A4NK8BLK, 302123DW, 305003DW
  • Axton: 0A4NK5BLK, 0A4NK5DW
  • Blue Plus: 310090TAU, 310091BLK
  • Trail: 302120DW
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