Gear that adapts to what matters

Meet Erin. She’s a cheesemaker and owner of Dancing Goats Dairy in Essex County, Massachusetts. And she embodies the spirit of do what you love and love what you do.

What Erin's Wearing

While in college, Erin studied abroad in France where she discovered and fell in love with the simplicity of French cheese. After finishing school, she took an internship at a Vermont goat farm where she spent a year, first as a kidding intern, learning how to birth goats, milk goats and make a goat farm run. After learning about kidding, Erin spent several months in the cheese room as an apprentice, learning (as her website so eloquently says) the delicate art of turning that toiled-for milk into a culinary masterpiece.

"There’s something incredibly tactile about working with animals, making food, working with the land. It shook me to my core. "

Eventually Erin returned to her home state of Massachusetts in 2012 where she started her own goat farming business by growing her own milking herd and developing recipes using the milk from two does she had brought home with her from Vermont.

Dancing Goat Cheese in refrigerator

Seven years later, Erin now has a milking herd of more than 35 goats and she’s an award winning cheese maker, taking home a medal for her Marinated Chèvre at the national American Cheese Society judging. And earlier this year, Erin and her Dancing Goats Dairy catapulted to the next level when she transitioned from a one-woman show to become a part of a team of passionate, innovative dreamers. Dancing Goats is now a part of the Lillooet Farm located on property in Boxford, Massachusetts that predates the signing of the U.S. Constitution. The Lillooet team is dedicated to restoring the farm to its former glory after eight decades of overgrowth. The Dancing Goats Dairy goat herd is rotationally grazed alongside Lillooet’s herd of sheep in order to regenerate the soil and create a positive impact on the land.

Kodiak salutes Erin for her fierce conviction and fortitude dedicated to building a life of purpose and intent that matters. Learn more about Dancing Goats Dairy and be sure to check out their “Find Us” link if you find yourself on the north shore of Massachusetts, you’ll want to know where to buy Lillooet and Dancing Goat cheeses.