Doing Work That Matters

Meet Sherif - from becoming a computer scientist, to a successful management and strategy consultant, to a bakery owner, his journey started with one question in mind: "What would make me happy?"

And it was during this time, when traveling to client meetings, building Powerpoint® decks and churning Excel® spreadsheets became staples of his day-to-day routine, someone asked Sherif, “What would be your dream job?” Without even thinking, Sherif said, “I’d love to own a bakery.”

"I was feeling like something was missing in my life and I just wanted to be doing work that mattered."

In fall of 2016 Sherif took a six-week sabbatical from work to travel around Europe with his wife, Nadine. When Nadine asked Sherif what he would like to do during their time abroad, he said “I’d love to bake bread.” Nadine suggested they first find a course that would afford Sherif the opportunity to learn the science and craft of bread making. They discovered Ferrandi in Paris, the largest culinary school in Europe.

Sherif enrolled in a week-long course and became energized by the experience. After completing the course, Sherif was asked by his instructor if he would be interested in a 10-week course that would be followed by a 2-month internship at a Paris boulangerie. He was a bit reluctant to give up the security of his corporate job but Nadine convinced to go for it. And so, in the winter of 2017, they moved to Paris for six months and Sherif completed the extended course and took an internship to gain valuable hands-on experience in a Paris boulangerie.

Today, Sherif and Nadine are the owners of Elephantine Bakery in Portsmouth, NH. If you ask Sherif about owning a bakery, he will tell you that he is far happier and far more fulfilled now than he ever was during his time working in corporate roles. He’s found that when he’s engaged and active, particularly with tasks that are fueled from from his heart, not just his mind, he’s at his best. His advice to people searching for a more fulfilling path, “never underestimate what you’re capable when you fully engage your mind, heart, body, soul and spirit. Because you really can accomplish so much more than you may think you can.”